One of our favorite things about welcoming the chilly weather, besides being in sweatpants and leggings forever, is comfort food. By summer’s end, we find ourselves dreaming about carb-tastic casseroles, cheesy baked pastas and hearty fall soups. But after a few weeks of carb-indulging, there is NO denying that we start to feel a little *bluh.* So, how do we rectify this? Simple: Trade those noodles for veggies! This hack is made easy with the help of spiralizers and mandolins. See for yourself in these 17 swoon-worthy low-carb dishes all made with fall favorites.

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1. Butternut Squash Noodles in Sage Brown Butter: When we think about squash replacing noodles, we always tend to think about spaghetti squash — but trust us when we say the butternut delivers. Tossed in sage brown butter, these “noodles” speak for themselves. (via Boulder Locavore)

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2. Spaghetti Squash Lasagna: Let’s just go ahead and myth-bust here: Low on carbs does not mean lacking in flavor or satisfaction. This no-noodle lasagna gives you layers of flavors with tender spaghetti squash and all the sauce and cheese we can possibly dream of. (via The Foodie Physician)

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3. Pumpkin Chipotle Alfredo Zucchini Pasta: Nothing nails those fall flavors quite like pumpkin — even if it isn’t pumpkin spice. Smokey chipotle brings a certain warmth to this dish, and you’ll be shocked at how much you don’t miss pasta. (via Lemons and Basil)

Vegetables in Thai Red Curry with Sweet Potato Noodles

4. Vegetables in Thai Red Curry With Sweet Potato Noodles: The next time you have a cold, forgo the chicken noodle soup and dig into this super-spicy and veggie-filled dish. It’s as packed with nutrition as it is with flavor. (via From a Chef’s Kitchen)


5. Spicy Ginger Pork and Enoki Mushroom Soup With Flat Zucchini Noodles: If you thought the noodles in a noodle soup were irreplaceable, you need to give spiralized zucchini noodles a whirl. You may never look at a strand of pappardelle again! (via Inspiralized)

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6. Sesame Cashew Tofu With Sweet Potato Noodles: Noodle bowls are all the rage these days, especially when they’re adorned with crispy tofu and umami flavors. Now imagine replacing the usual starchy noodles with tender sweet potato noodles. Pretty nice, huh? (via Dishing Out Health)

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7. Baked Spaghetti Squash With Butter and Parmesan Cheese: Sometimes simpler is better, and this quick and easy low-carb indulgence proves it. In this dish, the creamy butter and tangy Parmesan do ALL the talking. (via Kitchen Nostalgia)

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8. Easy Paleo Tuna Green Chile Zoodle Casserole: BOOM — right in the tastebuds! The flavor explosion in this casserole deserves the highest of fives. As an added bonus, it’s a hearty and healthy dish that’s high in protein and low in carbs. (via Cotter Crunch)

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9. Coconut Curry With Almond Butter, Sweet Potato and Apple Noodles: A sweet potato and curry pairing is a fall fave for many, but when you add sweet apples to the mix it’s a TOTAL game changer. This thick and creamy coconut curry has it all. (via Food Faith Fitness)

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10. Zucchini Lasagna: This hearty no-noodle lasagna manages to be filling and oh-so-satisfying without all those heavy carbs. Ricotta adds creaminess while kale, zucchini and pumpkin bring the nutrients. (via The Krooked Spoon)


11. Spicy Southwestern Sweet Potato Noodle Bowl: This vibrant and flavorful meal looks gourmet, but it’s prepped and on your table in 30 minutes. Sweet potato noodles add a hint of sweetness to all of those spicy and tangy Southwestern flavors we love. (via Manna and Spice)


12. Zucchini Spaghetti With Peaches and Pumpkin Seed Pesto: The summer and fall seasonal crossover gives us so many delicious options to work with. The use of zucchini, peaches and pumpkin seeds in this dish is a perfect example of that. (via Food Loves Writing)


13. Spaghetti Squash Casserole With Spinach and Ricotta: Even if you can’t get behind the idea of using spaghetti squash as a pasta substitute, this casserole will work for you. Roasted and mixed with spinach and creamy ricotta, this one will woo you and your family. (via Two of a Kind Cooks)


14. Beef Pho With Beech Mushrooms and Sweet Potato Noodles: Nothing beats a robust and wholesome bowl of Pho, but it *can* feel pretty heavy with all those delicious noodles. Sub in some sweet potato noodles and crisis averted. (via Reclaiming Yesterday)


15. Veggieful Coriander Chili Egg Drop Soup: Quick, easy and tasty as heck — what more could someone ask for? This delectable bowl is filled to the brim with delicious broth and gives you a healthy dose of veggies. (via Biohackers Recipes)


16. Spaghetti Squash With Nutmeg Cream Sauce: One flavor that screams fall is nutmeg, and it doesn’t just belong in your PSL. The beauty with this spice is you can use it in desserts AND savory dishes, like this cream sauce. Indulge and keep healthy at the same time? OKAY! (via Pinch Me I’m Eating)

17. Vegetarian Bourbon Chili: Cooking up a big pot of chili is a *must* once summer fades to fall. The best part? Chili can be filling and delicious without the meat; add some sweet potato noodles for extra nutrients and a splash of bourbon if you’re feelin’ it. (via My Modern Cookery)

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