20 Non-Traditional Engagement Rings That Are Crazy Beautiful
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20 Non-Traditional Engagement Rings That Are Crazy Beautiful

Engagement rings are one of the pieces of jewelry that mean, well, EVERYTHING. And while we can never stop staring at our fave stars’ sparkling stunners, we secretly pine for a band o’ gold (or platinum) that feels as unique as our relationship. Below, check out twenty of the prettiest alternative rings currently making us swoon.

1. Rose Cut Diamond Ring ($798): There’s something so simple and elegant about this beautiful rose gold diamond ring. For those that can’t get enough of their diamonds, this gorgeous option is certainly not short of them.

2. Rose Cut Black Diamond Ring ($1,440): Who says it has to be a white diamond ring? Break tradition with this gorgeous rose-cut option. We’re totally into the floral band.

3. Mini Straw Diamond Ring ($765): Simple and subtle, this minimalist ring still has plenty of sparkle to go around.

4. Herkimer Raw Diamond Ring ($60): Not everyone wants a perfectly polished diamond, and this hand-crafted raw diamond ring is the perfect alternative.

5. Hexa Pendant Ring ($128): Love the bling? Make a real statement with this option, featuring a hexagon-shaped rose quartz stone surrounded by cubic zirconium.

6. Sapphire and Diamond Ring ($290): With a minimal design with plenty of bling, this option features a simple band with a yellow sapphire surrounded by diamonds.

7. Natural Diamond Ring ($7,200): For those who really love the sparkle and shine, this is the ring for you. Featuring a giant diamond surrounded by more diamonds, this is not just an engagement ring but also a serious statement piece.

8. Rose Cut Moonstone Ring ($225): Simple yet creatively unique, this design features a center moonstone that is balanced out by a smaller diamond to the side. A gorgeous idea for someone who wants something different that still features a diamond.

9. Bea Three Stone Ring ($4,000): If you’re not looking for a solitaire stone, this ring has a lovely emerald-cut center moonstone that is flanked on either side by beautiful diamonds.

10. Turquoise and Diamond Ball Ring: ($1,495): For those that prefer a bit more color in their jewelry, this amazing ring features a stunning center diamond that is surrounded on either side by bright turquoise stones.

11. Zoe Ring ($1,650): Here’s another option for the black diamond lovers out there. You can compromise with this incredible ring that features three inverted diamonds — a black diamond at the center with white diamonds on either side.

12. Rose Gold Stacking Rings ($950): Add an unexpected touch to this simple solitaire diamond ring by stacking it with these wonderful rose gold bands.

13. Crown Bezel Moonstone Ring ($385): A unique twist on a solitaire ring, this beautifully colored moonstone is set in an octagonal-shaped gold setting with a simple, thin golden band.

14. Natural Peach Pearl Ring ($595): Everything about this peach pearl ring is creative and wonderful. From the use of a brightly colored pearl to the intricately designed setting, this ring will turn heads.

15. Aquamarine Forest Jewel Ring ($2,268): For the blue-lovers out there, this triangular aquamarine ring is a wonderful option. The delicate yet beautiful twig-inspired band is icing on the cake.

16. Lexie Emerald Ring ($980): This beautiful emerald and diamond ring has an old-fashioned and mature look to it. We love the rectangular emerald stone and circular diamonds on either side.

17. Four-Step Ring ($419): We are obsessed with the elegant yet understated stones in this piece. We think this ring has an ethereal, Frozen-esque vibe.

18. Gold Opal Ring ($895): For those that love a solitaire ring with a simple band, but aren’t necessarily diamond fans, you might enjoy this amazing opal ring. With a braided setting and golden band, this is an incredible non-diamond alternative for those that like the traditional with a twist.

19. Carina Ruby Band with Diamonds ($2,254): Who says you can’t add color to your engagement ring? Filled with diamonds and rubies, this crown-inspired piece will make its lucky wearer feel like royalty.

20. Magna Ara Ring ($45):Wowza, this one is a real show stopper. The center is a massive glass rhinestone, surrounded by crushed pyrite, making for a truly affordable statement piece that will have everyone talking.

Which of these rings is your favorite? Any that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!