If you’re getting engaged and looking for inspo, don’t be turned off by all that white noise about the 4-Cs. Jeez! When it comes to engagement rings, we know it’s not about carats so much as craftsmanship. And finding a ring whose look we love so much that we’ll want to wear it. Every day. For the rest of our life. To go with everything. And don’t even get us started on the topic of diamonds. Sure, the white stones are beautiful, but so are other more colorful (less pricey) stones, as well. Here are 20 alternative rings that are as unique as your relationship.

You know the old adage that the ring should cost four months of the groom’s salary? So old-school! Um… student loans. In our Pinterest era, the only rules that matter anymore are how a ring looks to us and if we love it. Here are 20 engagement ring trends for 2016, plus rings that are as beautiful as they are unexpected — from tear-drops and other unusual shapes to (affordable) raw and black diamonds and other unique stones to rose gold and other pretty metals beyond platinum.

That’s right, black diamonds. In the MelanieCasey Jewelry store on Etsy, they’re featuring a gorgeous, handmade ring with a pear-cut black diamond for under $1,500. It’s lovely.

And don’t forget the unique appeal of vintage rings. Even when we have no granny with a ring to hand down, we can find a unique-looking ring on eBay or Etsy or at an estate sale. We love the art-deco style of many vintage rings. Plus, upcycling a retro ring is eco-friendly and doesn’t carry the stigma of “blood diamonds”. From alluring opals to gorgeous garnets to purple amethysts (the exact shade I want to pastel my hair), here are 17 vintage engagement rings that make us swoon.

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(Photo via MelanieCasey Jewelry/Etsy)