If you always wonder where to pick up the latest trends or where your incredibly fashionable neighbor shops, chances are you’d be looking for… Nordstrom. The retailer has been named the number one retailer for the 4th year in a row by Market Force Information, according to WWD.


In December of last year, Market Force Information surveyed over 5,000 shoppers across the country and asked which retailers offered the most in terms of shopping experience and what had shoppers returning time and time again to specific shops. The study covered whether or not shoppers were able to complete an outfit in one location, ease of shopping experience and overall checkout time. Nordstrom came out on top, with Marshall’s in second place and Swiss retail giant H&M coming in third (last year, they weren’t even on the list).


The study also found that Nordstrom did very well in-store as opposed to online. Their in-store associates helped create goodwill and brand loyalty above and beyond every other retailer in the study. In a world where e-commerce is becoming king, to see that shoppers would rather shop Nordstrom IRL vs at home in their jammies is pretty impressive. Maybe the fact that Nordstrom is now carrying uber popular Topshop in many stores (hey, Ciara!) isn’t hurting things…

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(Photos via Suzi Pratt/Getty)