There are some things that are reserved for the famous people of the world. Endorsement deals with big brands, tickets to all the premieres around the world and invites to the Met Ball (we’re still waiting on ours). But the world just got a little more democratic, because now anybody can apply to be verified on Twitter.

Twitter is an online social

Whereas before the verification process was clouded in mystery, users who want to become verified can now just fill out a form, providing that their profiles are complete with a verified phone number, bio, picture, birthday, website and email. But to be clear: This doesn’t mean that just anybody off the street can get that blue check mark next to their name on Twitter. There are still some qualifications. Verified status is reserved for accounts that are “of public interest,” meaning that unless you are a very, very interesting person — read: celeb, politician, athlete, CEO or journalist — you probably won’t make the cut.

But hey, who needs to be verified anyways? There aren’t that many perks besides the little blue check mark and the ability to filter out messages from non-famouses. (Ok, that perk is pretty cool.) If you need us, we’ll just be over here, trying to sneak past Twitter’s VIP bouncer…

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(h/t Gizmodo; photo via Getty)