Many of us can’t function without our daily Starbucks drink of choice — even our fave celebs. And then when we get fancy seasonal drinks, resistance is futile, especially when they come in pretty cups! So anything that makes getting that fix easier is a godsend. Mobile ordering made the process quicker for sure, but you still have to go through a bunch of taps and swipes until you get your perfectly customized drink. Yawn. But Starbucks just made an announcement that made all of us with tired fingers jump for joy: We get our very own private, AI-powered baristas.

Women drinking coffee together on city street

We don’t know much about the new feature yet, but we expect it will work just like the app does now — you’ll just say your order aloud rather than tap, tap, swipe. According to the press release, “Customers will be able to place their orders via voice command or messaging interface, delivering unparalleled speed and convenience, enhancing customer loyalty and engagement and further extending the accessibility of the Starbucks app.”

The feature, called My Starbucks Barista, will be released as an iOS beta early next year, and expand to public release and Android soon after.

The only problem we anticipate with this is Siri spelling our names wrong. Guess we’ll never escape that issue.

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(h/t Mashable, photos via Melpomenem/Getty + Caiaimage/Tom Merton/Getty)