Your Half-Finished Ponytail Is the Hottest New ‘Do
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Your Half-Finished Ponytail Is the Hottest New ‘Do

The NYFW runways have spoken: half-done hair is the new completely polished ‘do, and it’s a girl-on-the-go’s dream come true. Show up to a party with hair that’s washed but not yet dried, locks that are curled but not set or hair that’s still tucked snugly into your coat collar or turtleneck (you just couldn’t be bothered to pull out your ends) and — shockingly — you have model-worthy hair. Needless to say, we’re taking diligent notes on the too-cool-to-care styles (read: a lazy girl hair bible is in your very near future), the latest of which looks just like your half-finished ponytail.

You know that point in ponytail prep when your hair is pulled up and back and folded over, but not all the way pulled through? That’s the sweet spot for this half-finished look. At the Son Jung Wan show, models wore their ends slicked together and combed down the napes of their necks, creating the same kind of half-up half-down feel as the half top knot. Just like that style, this look can both be tossed up with a basic hair tie for an ultra casual weekend look (don’t even worry about brushing out those bumps) or can be dressed up for a night out with only minimal effort required (phew!).

To get the more put-together, straight-off-the-runway style, we roped in our resident beauty babe Misty Spinney to break down 2015’s spin on the topknot in just five steps:

1. Pull your hair up and back just like you would for normal high pony, then apply lots of thick hair wax like Tigi Bed Head Hair Stick ($12) to your roots and halfway down your head, combing your hair it back.

2. Secure with a hair tie and loop your hair through it halfway (a move you could do in your sleep).

3. Apply Rusk’s Deepshine Anti-Frizz Spray ($20) to your half-pony and ends. This product is like a hairspray, a wax and a serum had a baby: it holds your hair in place, leaves a shiny finish and leaves your hair feeling touchable — not crunchy in the slightest.

4. Apply the same thick hair wax to your ends and comb it through.

5. Extra points for wrapping a strand of hair around your hair tie and pinning it back. Not only is it a gorg way mask the band, but it also creates a seamless finish.

Are you sticking with the tried-and-true ballerina top knot? Or are you putting your own twist on your hair up there? Tell us in the comments below.