We’ve seen a lot of wheeled wonders in our day. First, there was a foldable scooter that rolled up like a Transformer. Then rocket skates. And then one time we looked into a futuristic one-wheeled skateboard that is a time lord. Oh and let’s not forget about that seven-person tricycle. And a dinosaur bike (!!!). Point is, we thought we’d seen it all until someone put a backpack, a scooter, a bag trolley and a longboard into one rolling package like they did with Olaf Scooters.

Olaf, which is running a Kickstarter right now, began when the founder saw something similar that just wasn’t good enough. Knowing he could improve upon the concept, he designed, built and tested dozens of prototypes while traveling around the world. Olaf is available in two models (one for work and one for play), but the basics are the same.

The Olaf Business model is a 3-in-1 airline-approved carry-on suitcase, a rolling trolley and a kick scooter. Olaf Urban is a 4-in-1 product with the same trolley and kick scooter, but includes a removable backpack and a super-fast detachable wooden skateboard. The kick scooter mechanism is a little different on this one to make it easier to just flip the scooter up and down quickly with your foot. The backpack is “spine-friendly” and put together with reflectors and waterproof materials for durability. You can snag the Urban for a $280 pledge and the Business for $316.

Intended to take you from school to work to shopping to just cruising around, the Olaf trolley can be used to cart around your own bags, backpacks, luggage or boxes when you need it. Both models are designed with convenience in mind, though we still wonder how practical it really is to scoot to a business meeting. (In our office though? We could make it work.)

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