Earlier last month we learned about the $12 dress that was breaking the Internet. To fill you in, it’s an Old Navy original that pretty much flatters any body type. This dress comes in different colors, but, most importantly, different colors of stripes — French-girl style FTW :) We decided to give these dresses a B+C DIY upgrade three different ways. Follow along to see how to turn this dress into a matching two-piece, a vest and/or a dress with cut-outs.


Materials + Tools:

Old Navy dress

— sewing machine

— sewing pins

— marker

— fabric scissors

— elastic

— measuring tape



1. Measure from the top of your shoulder to your belly button, add one inch and then mark this measurement onto your dress. Cut a straight line across to turn the dress into two pieces.

2. Turn the bottom piece into a skirt by folding over the cut edge an inch and pinning in place. Sew around almost all of the skirt’s perimeter to create a waistband for the skirt.

3. Measure your waist, subtract four inches and cut this length of elastic. Snake through the waistband of the skirt and then sew the elastic together. Close the opening edge of the waistband to finish off the skirt.


My favorite rule of sewing is measure twice and cut once. You will want to measure from your shoulder to belly button to turn this dress into a two piece. Mark this measurement on the dress and cut a straight line.


Fold the top edge of the skirt over about one inch and pin in place. Sew almost all the way around to create a section to hold the elastic.


Measure your waist and then subtract four inches — cut this measurement out of elastic and then weave through the waistband. Sew the two ends of elastic together and then close up the open edge of the waistband.


So easy! A matching two-piece set in about 10 minutes.


Wear them together or separate ;) Follow along to see how to turn this dress into a vest or give it cute summer cut-outs.


This has got to be the most simple DIY to date. Fold the dress in half so the side seams match up. Cut a slight curve from front to back and then cut up the front center of the dress. This is a great hack for a dress that might have gotten a little too short.


The table doesn’t do this cute vest justice. Lemme put it on and show you :)


A perfect way to bring this summer dress into fall. If you don’t live in San Francisco and are still feeling the summer heat, follow along to add cut-outs into your swing dress.


Once again, fold your dress so your side seams match up with each other and draw half an oval on the back panel of the dress, then cut out.


Use the piece you cut away to create a bow. Sew onto the top and bottom edges of the oval.


Add a little more of a breeze to a summer cover-up with a back cut-out.


Ladies — time to get over to Old Navy!

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DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden
Photography: Chris Andre

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