After an incredible week in fashion at New York Fashion Week, we’ve seen some jaw-dropping trends we’re excited to DIY. Take Olivia Palermo’s boots, for example. These stunners gave her creamy outfit the rock-and-roll kick it needed to take it from sweet to so cool. Ankle boots have always been a great style staple to embellish: We’ve added wispy fringe to amp up the boho flair, glitter to guarantee an eye-catching look and today, we’re taking a cue from OP and making her *removable* embellishments — let’s call them boot cuffs — that can take any old pair of booties from blah to biker babe like that. It’s a hack that can help you get the look of her $600 Freda Salvador boots for just $15. Follow along to learn the DIY every fashion girl has to make this fall.


(Photo via Gustavo Caballero/Getty)


– black leather

– black suede cord

– silver studs

– silver chain

– black thread

– Deco paint pen (or tailor’s chalk)


– fabric scissors

– jewelry cutters

– jewelry pliers



1. Drape the leather over your boot and draw the shape of the cuff that best suits your shoe.

2. Fold the leather in half and cut out your shape. Fringe the bottom half about every half inch.

3. Attach studs to the bottom edge of each piece of fringe, then trim the fringe to create points.

4. Cut a piece of chain that reaches from the third piece of fringe to the third-to-last piece of fringe. Sew onto the leather.

5. Sew leather strings to the edge of the cuff.

6. Tie onto your boot and get ready to rock it like a street style star!


Hold your leather up to the side of your boot and draw the cuff shape that works best. Then fold your leather in half so that your cuff is the same on both sides. Cut it out and then add fringe to the bottom edge, making sure that each fringe piece is the right size for your studs.


Time to get studly. Poke the studs through the leather toward the end of your fringe, and then use your jewelry pliers to fold down the prongs. Cut around the studs to create points at the ends of the fringe.


Sew your chain in place, attaching it at the third piece of fringe on each end. It should be about a half an inch below the top of the cuff. Finally, add ties to each side by sewing pieces of suede cord to the ends.


Pretty slick, eh?


Tie your cuffs to your boots if you’re feeling like a rock star.


We love that these are removable, so not just your black booties can get in on the action. And we’re not just talking about the other boots in your collection: Make a pair out of white canvas and string to your cleanest pair of high-tops to get your sneakers involved.


Our gal Beth is looking like a serious babe in these kicks (and that fringe!).


What other NYFW styles would you like to see us DIY? Add links and comments below.

DIY Production: Kelly Bryden

Styling: Kate Puhala

Photography: Chris Andre