With the holidays in full swing, your calendar is filling up with loads and loads of party invites — because you’re popular like that. Though you’re probably trying to suss out killer outfits, you should definitely pay some extra attention to your holiday beauty look this season. We say go bold or go home when it comes to your festive lip game by reviving a tried and true trend that will surely make your pucker the talk of any party. Cue ombre lips. Whether you decide to rock a retro-inspired look or a modern-day twist on a classic style, this OTT trend will amplify any seasonal ensemble with its soft combo of trend-right hues. Get inspired by checking out these eight looks below.

1. Orange and Brown: Even though fall is almost over, that doesn’t mean you still can’t rock autumnal shades of pumpkin — especially when worn in an ultra-hot ombre lip. Sport this subtle color combo on your lips to relive days filled with candy corn and PSLs.

2. Mermaid: If you’re already strutting mermaid hair, then it was only a matter of time before you hopped on this iridescent lip with shimmering shades of teal and green. Take it up a notch by dabbing a glittery highlight in the center of your lip.

3. Peachy Purple: Who needs a red pout when you can look just as sultry and glam with a peachy purple ombre lip? Keep the look in dramatic territory by edging your lip with a matte plum liner.

4. Rainbow: Taste the rainbow with this bold ombre lip. Keep this look simple with a clear gloss and bare eyes.

5. Blue and Purple: This lip is a must for late nights with chill temps. Lined with blue and topped with glitter, this stunning combination of hues will take your party look to a whole other level.

6. Green: Everyone will be green with envy when you step out in this out-of-this-world green ombre lip. With touches of green and yellow, this head-turning hue will really make your pout pop. Line the inner part of your lip with a dark green to add dimension and depth.

7. Purple: Let your lips shine bright by layering various shades of liquid lipstick on top of each other. What’s a better way to channel your inner rocker chick than with an ombre purple lip and matching nails?

8. Glitter: When you want to add texture to your ombre look, opt for glitter and a matte finish. Add a lighter hue on your Cupid’s bow for a flawless finish that’s stunning and beautiful.

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