Facebook already controls us all, but that鈥檚 not stopping the social media giant from continuing to chase its dream of world domination. Following its recently updated new and improved way of commenting and its newfound聽love of video, the social media giant has made yet another HUGE (and super impressive) announcement: It鈥檚 introducing Snapchat-like filters to Facebook Live!

msqrd app pic

Coming on the heels of an announcement from Zuckerberg himself earlier this spring, in which he revealed that his company had purchased Masquerade鈥檚 MSQRD app, the engineers at good old FB are finally ready to start putting their acquisition to good use.

Taking a break from coding to welcome the MSQRD team to Facebook!

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Although there鈥檚 no exact launch date yet (early speculation projects it鈥檒l be a few weeks until it鈥檚 live), what we do know thus far is that you鈥檒l be able to superimpose filters, alter your face, face swap with a BFF in the same frame and even face swap with someone who appears in your photos. Say what?!

Survival! 馃悢馃惂馃惁馃悿馃悾馃檹馃徎

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The app has already garnered several famous fans (ahem, Madonna), so we鈥檙e super excited to see what else this collab has in store.

Oh, and don鈥檛 panic if you鈥檙e not as familiar with the new additions: According to Bustle, you鈥檒l be able to preview the face-altering filters before going live (you know, just in case you don鈥檛 like how you look in monkey form) and swap them throughout the live stream, too, so nothing is entirely set in stone. A function that will allow you to schedule all your FB Live vids in advance is also reportedly in the works.

Sounds pretty cool to us 鈥 let鈥檚 get this bad boy rolling!

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(h/t Bustle, photos via Getty, MSQRD, Mark Zuckerberg and @madonna)