There are endless ways to restyle your wardrobe — just mix, match or hack your basics to change up your outfit just like that. But the same can’t be said for your shoes. Once you slip into a nude pump, you might as well consider that style your day-long solemate no matter where you trot (cue bat signal for genius boardroom-to-bar shoe-swapping solution).

The company that answered our call is OneClique. Its fix? Offering a build-your-own shoe experience that allows you to combine the upper of your choice with a set of heels to create the perfect pair of steppers. But OneClique isn’t just a one-time DIY. Its Shoe Separates are completely interchangeable, which means you can *actually* switch up the look of your pairs whenever you want.

Day-to-night transitions have never been easier: click off your close-toed top and click in a strappy upper to turn your stilettos into date-worthy pumps, or swap out your black wedges for a wooden set to give your booties a beachy makeover. Depending on how many types of uppers and heels you match, your shoe closet could double (or more) without stuffing your storage space or breaking the bank — prices range from $44 to $54 per piece.

You can order the pieces to build your dream pair starting on October 15, when OneClique will release its full range of 17 uppers and 20 heels, which, when mixed and matched, adds up to 340 different shoe combinations. Dream. Come. True. And that’s both for girls who live in heels and for those of us (this editor included) who only don pumps for special occasions. One set of shiny silver block heels + a matching metallic top will take me through every single holiday party this upcoming season. Then come the new year, that same base (paired with a black open-toed bootie) can act as my go-to for after-work events. Check out the video above to begin your plotting.

Can you believe you now have soooo many shoe options? Which OneClique pieces would you pair together? Tell us about your dream pair in the comments below.