Spring means online shopping for cute spring splurges! And if there’s one thing that online shoppers want, it’s ways to save. With a little crafty maneuvering, you too can find some really insane ways to beat the system with online shopping tips. Save on everything from green beauty products to household items. Here are seven easy hacks to use the next time you start putting stuff in your cart.


1. Use the “no rush” shipping option on Amazon Prime to get free Prime Pantry credits. Yep, this is just another of those awesome Prime membership benefits that no one ever tells you about! When checking out via your Prime account, select “no rush” shipping to get a promotional credit sent directly to you. However, you can’t return anything from the “no rush” shipment, so make sure you only use this for ordering things you know you’ll need.


2. You can buy select IKEA products half off through Amazon Prime. This one will make your heart race — depending on what you’re looking for, you might be able to find IKEA products through Amazon Prime at a discount, on top of Prime free shipping (Not all are discounted — you’ll have to compare the two). FYI, a quick glance will show you just how random the products are, but you never know what’ll pop up that you need!


3. Use Anthropologie’s “wish list” to get notified when your faves go on sale. Put it on your wish list and you’ll get notifications via email when it goes on sale. There is also a whole underworld of sites and forums dedicated to finding these Anthropologie unicorns called “popbacks,” a phenomenon that occurs when something you had in your wishlist comes back into stock — and this could be years down the line — and you get notified of its current sale price. Genius.


4. Read those credit card newsletters to find low-key discounts. A recent Amex Rewards newsletter had cash-back savings on places like Rebecca Taylor and Everything But Water, so make sure that you’re signed up for your credit card’s newsletters and check the site regularly for extra savings.


5. Make sure to check sites like RetailMeNot.com religiously before checking out. It’s kind of common knowledge by now, but always make sure you’re checking for discounts on third-party sites, brand newsletters or even on the brand’s home page! There’s no reason to be paying for shipping when there’s almost always a free shipping coupon code. Some stores, like GAP, will even let you put in multiple for extra money saved.


6. Put things in your Kate Spade cart — and then forget about them to get discounts. Do you get those emails from sites you visit regularly that ask you to look in your cart? Well, there might be extra incentive for walking away from a cart full of stuff. Kate Spade will give you 15 percent off to pull the trigger, Levi’s will give you a whopping 25 percent off to come back for abandoned products and Birchbox offers 20 percent off. You have to be signed up for their sites in order to receive the email updates, so just keep that in mind.


7. Follow your favorite brands on social media for hot insider discounts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram — they’re all gold mines for flash discounts for some of your favorite brands. The only problem is that you have to really stay on top of their posts to reap the rewards, which can take some effort.

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