The clever folks at Oreo are always coming up with clever new ways to lure us in with their delicious cookies. Just this summer, the company came out with Oreo Thins to take away the guilt of eating an entire sleeve. In September, we got a taste of its new flavor, Cinnamon Bun. And now, for the holidays, Oreo has something up their sleeves that’s not only the ultimate gift for the Oreo lover, but will appeal to your creative side as well.

Oreo colorfilled 2

For a limited time, you can order an Oreo Colorfilled pack ($15) that you can digitally customize or hand draw, and Oreo will print your customized package, so you can really let your creativity roam free. Here’s how it works: Choose from black-and-white holiday art and fill in the canvas with colors and accessories of your choice.

The pre-designed artwork is done by NYC-based visual artist and designer Timothy Goodman and illustrator and street artist Jeremyville, who are both award-winning artists known for their funky-and-fun designs (their designs are so iconic, Oreo’s even slapping them on some tees, which you can buy on the site.) After selecting which artist’s design you want to use, you can choose the areas you want to color. And don’t worry — there are plenty of seasonal accessories like scarves and reindeer you can add to your designs to really give it that holiday cheer.

Oreo colorfill

The best part is you can even elect to color in the designs by hand if you want. Oreo will mail you a pack along with custom markers, so you can color up a storm.

Go forth and color this holiday season, Oreo lovers!

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(Photos via PRNewswire)