If you鈥檝e ever walked out of a swanky salon with your hair鈥檚 texture and volume looking seriously TOP notch, there鈥檚 a high chance your stylist used Oribe products. The haircare brand is an industry + celebrity favorite and rightly so. Their dry texturizing spray and beach waves spray are basically miracle workers. And when you鈥檝e totally mastered one corner of the beauty realm, what鈥檚 next? A beauty and skincare line, naturally.

In the cosmetics realm, Oribe has released three Lip Lust Cr猫me lipsticks, an illuminating face palette and three nail polish shades. Both the nail polish and lipsticks come in the same three colors: a timeless red, classic nude and vampy violet. If you鈥檙e looking to really pull your beauty look together with a manicure that matches your lips to a TEE, that鈥檚 totally doable with this collection.

As far as skincare goes, Oribe has dropped seven new products that range from a lavish body wash to a lip treatment complete with Camelina Oil, Vitamin E and shea butter. To be totally real with y鈥檃ll, it鈥檚 all a bit of a splurge, but the most expensive item in the lot is a one-ounce bottle of Golden Face Oil that retails for a whopping $105. The oil is a blend of 13 natural oils that鈥檚 meant to brighten, restore, moisturize and protect your skin.

The complete line of 10 makeup + skincare products is all available on Oribe鈥檚 site now.

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