Feeling groovy? This new color-changing furniture line from Korean design studio Orijeen, called Color Flow, may be just the thing to jazz up your stale decor. One minute it’s blue, and the next it looks pink. It’s basically a full rainbow of colors that meld and blend into some of the most unique, futuristic furniture you’ve ever seen. It will absolutely blow your monochromatic-loving mind!

This line of storage pieces may be reminiscent of the mood rings that sprung to popularity in the ’70s, but the furniture doesn’t actually change color based on your mood. (Can you imagine the interesting dinner parties you’d have if that was the case?) Rather, the pieces are constructed with a lenticular surface, similar to holograms, so the colors change based on perspective.

What was the inspiration behind this innovative furniture? According to the design studio’s website, they’re interested in producing pieces that explore “the relationship among humans, object, and environment.”

Of course, we’re already imagining a bedroom remodel starring these pieces, which made us wonder: What if the throw pillows match perfectly from one angle but clash from another? It’s a challenge we’d gladly take on.

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(Photos via Orijeen; Video via Dezeen)