With all of life’s little stresses, it can be hard to find time to think of the perfect date to go on with your outdoorsy partner — let alone plan it. But before you break out the at-home date essentials and succumb to a Netflix night in or a DIY spa night, we’ve done the first task for you. Here are 15 springtime dates that are perfect for anyone who loves the great outdoors. Now all you have to do is put the plan in motion and enjoy.

Couple Planting Rooftop Garden Together

1. DIY an urban garden together. There’s nothing more satisfying than growing your own fruit and veggies from scratch, and getting to spend some quality time with your OTP isn’t too bad either. Whether it’s on your teeny balcony or in your expansive backyard, it’s always fun to plant a little green. Bonus: You’ll have homegrown cherry tomatoes and strawberries for a late-spring picnic.

2. Attend an amateur baseball game. Picture yourself and your significant other lounging in the spring sun, munching on oh-so-delicious treats and cheering on the underdog. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Most tickets for amateur leagues are inexpensive and you can pretty much always get them last minute, which makes this midday date idea a total home run.

3. Hit up as many garage sales as you can. Have a free weekend? Make a map of all the local garage sales within walking distance and see how many you can tick off your list. Not only is it a great way to find amazing one-of-a-kind treasures, but it’s great exercise too.

adorable gay male couple hike

4. Go on a sunrise hike. If your partner is even a little bit outdoorsy, odds are they’ve begged you to go hiking on at least a couple occasions. Instead of hitting up the regular trails, surprise your love with a sunrise hike. Not only will you enjoy an absolutely breathtaking view, but it’s also the perfect healthy way to start off a day with your sweet.

5. Try your hand at geocaching. Have a competitive streak? Geocaching is a great way to add some adventure to a typical hike, and highlight what a great team you make. Just download the app and locate and log thousands of geocaches in your neighborhood — all using the simple GPS technology on your smartphone.

6. Go pick fruits and veggies at a local farm. If you don’t want to go to all the trouble of growing your own fruits and veggies, a great day date option is picking your favorite natural treats, like apples or strawberries, at a local farm. Plus, it makes dessert a snap when you get back home.

Hot Air Balloon

7. Book a hot air ballooning adventure. If you’ve been searching for a grand romantic gesture, look no further. With the skies clearing up and the warm weather settling in, there’s no better time to book a hot air balloon ride than right now. If you’re daring enough, that is. (Photo via Matt Cowen/Getty)

8. Spend an evening getting cozy by tenting in your backyard. Springtime is the perfect excuse to get outside and use your backyard. Instead of worrying about all the little things that you need to pack for a real camping trip, simply set up a tent in the backyard, cozy up in a wool blanket and do some stargazing.

9. Get diving certificates together. Every little girl has dreamed about being able to swim like Ariel at least once in her life. Take your love on the exploration of a lifetime by signing up for mermaid-approved diving lessons. Bonus points if you plan an awesome diving trip together once you’re certified.

10. Go on a walking tour of your hometown. Whether you use an online guide or book a tour group, exploring your hometown through the eyes of a tourist can be a whole lot of fun during a springy day off. For you Bay Area couples, Stairway Walks in San Francisco is basically 29 date ideas in one book.

Young couple riding on the tandem bicycle

11. Rent tandem bikes and go exploring. Cue the awwws. Not only are tandem bikes quintessentially adorbs, but taking a leisurely ride around your local park is a simple and inexpensive way to enjoy the great outdoors. Teamwork!

12. Take golf lessons with an instructor. Golfing isn’t just for retired dads and the mega rich. Taking lessons at your local club or practice range can be a great way to bond with your sweety in the springtime sun.

13. DIY an outdoor slip ‘n’ slide. Water parks, although tons of fun, can be expensive and crowded. If you’re looking for a cheap and more intimate alternative, try crafting an outdoor slip ‘n’ slide with your bestie. Not only will you have a blast making it, but it’s a great way to let loose in the warm weather.

14. Host a lawn games tournament. Grab all of your friends together and host an epic lawn games tournament — complete with bocce, a three-legged race, an egg carrying contest and any other creative game you can think of — at your local park. Don’t forget to bring your camera.

15. Test your blood pressure by signing up for doubles bungee jumping. Fair warning: This date idea is not for the faint of heart and probably works best if you tell your partner the plan in advance. But if both of you are up for it, this experience will definitely make for an epic story to tell the grandkiddos.

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(Photos via Matt Cowen/Getty and Getty)