Warning: Spoilers ahead for the September 10 episode of Outlander.

In Outlander鈥榮 season three premiere, viewers were treated to something readers only hear about in the book series: the Battle of Culloden. Showing the battle was important to the writers because they wanted viewers to see 鈥淛amie鈥檚 plight.鈥 It also gave them a chance to give Black Jack Randall a real send-off, which actor Tobias Menzies really appreciated.

鈥淚 like the way it was built into this sort of hallucinatory sequence of Jamie remembering fragments of the battle, it鈥檚 buried in there,鈥 Menzies told Brit + Co and a group of reporters at the 2017 TCA summer press tour. 鈥淚 liked that it was a strange kind of dance-slash-fight-slash-embrace. It felt like it was in keeping with what鈥檚 come before. But it鈥檚 a hard relationship to tie up, really.鈥

In fact, it鈥檚 a relationship the show almost didn鈥檛 tie up. Menzies revealed to us that the show actually 鈥渟hot an alternate [take] where he takes a breath.鈥

Wait鈥 what?!

As book readers well know, Black Jack Randall dies at Culloden and that鈥檚 the end of things. But it turns out that the Outlander writers gave some serious thought to keeping him alive.

鈥淲e wanted the option, you know what I mean?鈥 said executive producer Maril Davis when we asked her about Black Jack鈥檚 possible survival. But she went on to say that the more they discussed it, the more they didn鈥檛 think it was the right move.

鈥淲e realized, like, how much farther could we take that character? He鈥檚 already done so much to Jamie and Claire. I don鈥檛 know if we could have, and even in talking to [author Diana Gabaldon], it just seemed like that character had probably completed his arc,鈥 Davis said.

Still, she admitted it was 鈥渟o tempting鈥 to keep him alive. 鈥淗e鈥檚 such a baddie and such a significant character in the show, so it鈥檚 hard to lose him 鈥 and Tobias, I love him,鈥 Davis said.

We had to ask, though 鈥 if they had kept him alive, where and when was Black Jack Randall going to reappear?

鈥淗onestly, I was thinking maybe we鈥檇 see him in America,鈥 Davis revealed. 鈥淢aybe somehow he ended up there, but we decided not to use that take. It was an interesting thing that we wondered about because it is a great loss of a character, even though obviously everyone鈥檚 excited to see him finally die. But it is a great loss.鈥

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