As the tech generation grows up, many of us will have to face important decisions regarding our children and their use of social media. In an age where everyone has a Facebook or Twitter, it can be hard to impose restrictions and boundaries. Luckily, babies are too young to even be posting online yet… right?

Nope, wrong. Thanks to these new toys designed by Laura Cornet, a design academy graduate student, babies are getting in on the social media craze, though perhaps unwittingly. And while we can’t figure out if these toys are cute or creepy, we do know one thing; they aren’t like anything we’ve seen before.

The toys can be hung like a mobile above a crib. Each “icon” has a specific function. For example, the Facebook icon automatically takes selfies when the baby is in sight, then posts to, what else, Facebook.

A GPS squeeze toy posts the baby’s location every time they grab it. A ball takes a photo every time it’s rotated, then posts the shot to the cloud.

In theory we imagine these toys could be pretty cool for parents. We like the idea of being able to capture truly candid moments of our kids when they’re in bed or rolling around considering their first steps on the floor. But automatic cloud and social media sharing raises some questions about privacy that we think should be answered before we install any of these in cribs.

What do you think? Has technology and oversharing gone too far with these toys? Is this just the way of the future? Let us know in the comments below!