Friends! Are you aware that Re:Make is happening?! If you haven’t noticed, we have been counting down the days with the use of our favorite colors, patterns and pets. Are you reading this and thinking, “What is Re:Make?” Well, it is a two-day conference dedicated to making and creativity! The first day of the conference is filled with amazing speakers who share their creative journeys with us, and day two (that’s today!) is a huge festival filled with makers and DIYs. So, TL;DR, it’s pretty much a maker’s christmas.

We were inspired by these notebook sneaks and decided we needed to make our own pair for Re:Make. We took the painting route and practiced some of the skills we learned in our new acrylic painting class taught by My Friend Court. We hope to see you at Re:Make and maybe even rockin’ these kicks ;)


Materials + Tools:

– white canvas sneakers

– paint brushes in various sizes

– fabric paint in various colors

– pencil



1. Use your pencil to draw out your paint brush design on the toe of the shoe. Fill it in with paint.

2. Use a larger paint brush to create brush strokes around the shoe.


Draw a paint brush on the toe of your canvas shoe. Break it into three basic shapes so you can mimic the same design on both shoes.


Fill in the paintbrush using your favorite colors of fabric paint.


Use a thicker paint brush to add brush strokes all over your sneaks.


Once your paintbrush design is dry, go back and add highlighting details to really make it pop!


Makers gonna make, make, make!


The best way to style your new paint streaked sneakers is to pair them with some DIY cuffed jeans.


We hope to see you at Re:Make TODAY! Share your maker sneakers with us using the hashtag #iamcreative. Leave comments and questions below!

DIY Production + Styling: Kelly Bryden

Photography: Chris Andre