Are you “going” Paleo? Good for you! Getting back to the basics and cutting out additives is a healthy way to eat. One big misconception about Paleo eating is that all we eat is meat. I eat way more vegetables than I do meat. Another question I get is: “How can you eat bacon and eggs all the time?” Well, I don’t know if this will be good news or bad news to your ears, but I rarely eat bacon. For one thing, Paleo-friendly bacon is not easy to find. Almost every brand of bacon that is readily available is cured with sugar; even brands, such as Applegate’s Natural Sunday Bacon have sugar. While sugarless bacon is easier to find than it was, say, five years ago, and you can now readily order it online, that’s just too much “hunting and gathering” for me. Hah. We do eat eggs, and I love them, but I don’t always have them for breakfast. There are many Paleo breakfasts that you can have without eggs. Here are 13 Paleo breakfast recipes that aren’t eggs.

The next question I often get about Paleo is how much cooking do I have to do. Some cooking is necessary, certainly. It’s difficult to find prepared foods that don’t have grains, dairy, sugar, legumes or a host of additives. But, because the point of Paleo is to eat natural foods, Paleo food is simple food and the cooking methods are fairly simple, as well. Shopping, prep and cooking do not have to take over your life. With a little bit of make-ahead work, you can cook once and eat all week. For recipes and planning advice I look to Mel Joulwan at WellFed for inspiration. I follow Mel’s lead and do a cook-up one day a week that prepares enough food so that my family can quickly pull together meals all week. Mel even suggests buying nearly the same groceries each week — what she calls the “Little Black Dress.” You can then accessorize your LBD with different sauces and sides. She makes it all seem easy. I consider her Paleo 101 articles required reading for anyone going Paleo. And her recipe for chocolate chili will have even non-Paleo peeps salivating.

If you are just starting out and looking for Paleo recipes and inspiration, here are 13 more Instagrammers who make going Paleo look easy.

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(Photo via David Humphreys/WellFed)