Once you’ve purchased the right pots and pans (trust us, you’re going to want to go for cast-iron cookware) and learned how to clean everything in your kitchen, the next step to running your kitchen like a fully functioning adult is organizing it properly. But we don’t mean simply keeping cereal boxes together on one shelf and baking ingredients on a separate. Similar to how closets went from being places to hold your clothes to super organized spaces slash total eye candy, pantries are getting an upgrade. Here are a few of our favorite organization tips and hacks.

1. Ditch the packaging

Nothing looks quite as gorgeous as a pantry that’s decked out in shiny glass jars containing beautiful nuts, seeds, flours, candies, and everything in between. You’ll have to make an initial investment in some containers, sure, but it’s absolutely worth the effort.

2. Become a Labeling Whiz

Now that you have all those beautiful canisters and jars on display, it’s time to label them. Feel free to get creative here. A super simple black-and-white option will go great with a minimalist kitchen, but if the eclectic look is more your thing, feel free to get patterned and/or colorful.

3. Add Large Bins

Many people reserve their bins and jars for small and bulk items, like flour or popcorn. But we recommend going even further. Large bins can hold snack foods such as chip bags and cookie tins, keeping these admittedly un-cute packages out of the line of sight… Yet also easily accessible.

4. Use Wall Decals Or Wallpaper

Use wall decals or wallpaper to make your space POP. You can keep it muted if that’s your jam, or use a bright color or floral design to create a statement. This is your pantry, after all, and it’s not seen terribly often except by you — so this is a fantastic place to take some style risks. You won’t regret it.

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(Images via Mrs. Meyer’s, On Sutton Place, and Classy Clutter.)