The resolutions have been courageously written down, and by now you’ve been tackling number one on the list: Exercise more. Aaaand this is about the time when we start to regret putting that one down. Sure there’s a pill that is attempting to replace working out, but the simple fact will always be that exercising is healthy. Last year, we came up with ways for even you busy bodies to work in a sweat sesh, but this year, the PEAR app is the easiest way to cross off number one on the resolutions list.


PEAR (free on iOS and Android) is an app that gives you direct access to multiple famous world-class trainers and coaches. Depending on what you want to work on (running, cycling, strength or weight loss), you’ll have a different trainer coaching you. From yoga to mountain biking, there are hundreds of training plans you can choose from. For those of you who haven’t been to the gym in a while, don’t worry. PEAR can ease you back in with different intensity levels.


After you’ve got a solid routine, equip yourself with PEAR’s mobile gear to enhance the app experience. PEAR’s Stride earphones are sweat resistant and lock onto your ear so you can go HAM on your workouts without your earbuds getting in the way. The audio quality is top notch, and they don’t block ambient noise, so you can hear your surroundings during your outdoor workouts. The heart rate monitor allows the app to customize your workouts depending on how hard your ticker is working. Rather than choosing an intensity level for yourself, PEAR’s heart rate monitor will be able to gauge and choose the right level for you.


The best part about the app is the real-time coaching. If the app notices you’re slowing down, your coach will tell you to walk it out for about 30 seconds. If the app notices you’ve got more in you, your coach will push you harder. Coaches also teach you how to pace yourself, tell you how much further you need to push and give you stats at the end of your workout. So if your bestie and your boo didn’t want to keep you accountable for working out, PEAR’s trainers and coaches have clearly got you covered.

Is “Exercise more” on your resolutions list? Which PEAR workouts are you going to look into? Let’s chat about it in the comments below!