It’s been a big year for emoji: We got some new emoji a couple months back, Apple realized their social importance and influence and we even learned of an upcoming emoji movie. When we communicate a large part of the time via text or Twitter, where space is precious, emoji are super important — thank goodness we are getting even more new emoji with the release of iOS 10.2. The public beta was just released, so we should see the official release very soon!


There are some new emoji that we couldn’t be more excited about, like all of the awesome #girlboss choices. We also got bacon, avocado and facepalm (finally!)! Twitter is excited too:

We agree. Apple seems to be in tune with current events but a little unaware of current memes, apparently. We also spotted a gorilla and a clown — which we are NOT too sure about. And neither are people on Twitter:

And quite a few people put two and two together with the new gorilla emoji:

We aren’t sure if Apple decided to include these because of recent events or it’s just a poorly timed coincidence, but either way that clown is seriously creepy. You should also enjoy your last few days with the beloved peach, as Apple decided to destroy our sexting game by making the peach look less like a butt and more like a simple, innocent fruit.

#RIP. At least we still have eggplant.

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(h/t Mashable)