We all know that there are tons of earth-friendly alternatives to plastic water bottles, but unfortunately the petroleum pests are still out there. And only a shocking 13% of them are recycled. To help keep more plastic from polluting landfills and waterways, Petomato gives bottles a second life before they hit your recycling bin. It鈥檚 here to help us upcycle those pesky plastic bottles as a new product that turns your ol鈥 Coca-Cola carriers into vegetable planters. No joke. You can grow a garden out of that bottle of pop鈥 who knew?

This little innovation is simple. You screw the Petomato pod of your choice onto any ol鈥 plastic bottle, place your seeds into the cap, fill the water bottle to the top and watch the seeds germinate. The plant鈥檒l be thirsty, so keep the bottle full as it grows. Pretty soon, you鈥檒l have a bouncing baby bushel of tomatoes, sweet basil, habanero peppers, arugula, wild strawberries, mint or Italian parsley. They鈥檒l be so cute you鈥檒l just wanna eat them up. And you can.

Petomato recently hit U.S. markets after gaining traction in Japan, so you can pick yours up online now. The folks at the company spoke with PSFK, calling it 鈥渁 mean cross between Chia Pet, Pet Rock, Sea Monkeys and Topsy Turvy Tomatoes all rolled into one fun novelty item that鈥檚 educational, silly, cool and provides users with an experience.鈥 Best of all, it really produces food. And, well, we love food.

Even though it鈥檚 kind of a kooky invention, it honestly seems like s viable indoor gardening option for those of us without much (or any) outdoor space. It鈥檚 also a phenomenal teaching tool for kids (oh haaay, elementary school science teachers!) as they learn about sustainability and horticulture. It would even make a unique team building project at the office (during which you can try to convince your intern to stop with the three-a-day vending machine water bottle habit).

If you want to know more, you can check out the below promo video from Petomato. It includes virtually zero product information paired with slight risk of seizure. We lasted about 10 seconds watching it before our brain-parts started to hurt. Proceed with caution in viewing, but upcycle with abandon after <3

Is Petomato the next Chia Pet? Let us know what you think in the comments!