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A New Way to Boil Whole Potatoes

We’re intrigued by this new way to boil potatoes that switches out a deep pot for a shallow pan. But there’s also another twist: add lots of salt. Like, more salt than you’d ever think to add! Don’t be intimidated though, we think a waxy potato can handle it.

What You’ll Need

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  • evenly sized waxy new potatoes, such as fingerling (scrubbed but unpeeled)  ( 2 1/4 pounds )
  • Sea salt flakes 
  • garlic cloves, roughly chopped  ( 3 large )
  • green chili pepper, seeded and chopped  ( 1 )
  • Leaves from a bunch of fresh cilantro, roughly chopped 
  • freshly ground cumin seeds  ( 1 teaspoon )
  • extra-virgin olive oil  ( Scant 1/2 cup )
  • white wine vinegar (Muscatel, if possible)  ( 2 teaspoons )
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