1. Fashion

Add Colorful Extensions to Your Fishtail Braid Like a Pro

Learn how to amp up your ‘do like a pro with colorful extensions. Yes you CAN! Though beauty school dropouts can still hack this look by using hair chalk.

What You’ll Need

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  • teasing comb ( 1 )
  • colorful and regular hair extensions
  • clear hair elastic
  • Hair Clip ( 1 )
  • bubbles
  • mermaid tail
  • teasing comb
  • colorful and regular hair extensions (from your local hair or wig shop) or no need if you have mermaid hair – also try hair chalk to get color (but beware it washes out in the ocean)
  • clear hair elastic (i get mine in a big package from the drug store)
  • hair clip if using hair extensions
  • optional: bubbles and mermaid tail
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