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DIY Boho Belted Boots

Give your thrifted or just old scuffed boots a makeover by using a few belts, chain, ribbon, and lace trim. Get tips and tricks on how to layer all your pieces in this tutorial.

What You’ll Need

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  • a pair of old or thrifted cowboy boots (preferably with no fabric lining) 
  • various belts (vintage or new – i got my faux leather ones really cheap from Forever 21 for $2.99!) – usually two belts per boot 
  • strong glue – 3M Maximum Strength Adhesive glue works best (better than e6000 because there’s less drying time) 
  • ribbon, broken chain, lace, ribbons, cotton t-shirt scraps, etc. – anything extra to embellish your boots if you desire more than the belts 
  • strong scissors 
  • leather hole punch (optional) – use a sharp instrument to make extra holes in the belts to fit your boots 
  • fabric glue sticks and hot glue gun (optional but i found it useful when applying the lace ribbon) 
  • masking tape – to hold belts in place while glue is drying 
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