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DIY His ‘N Hers Silhouette Pillows for You + Your Boo

Settle those “this is MY side of the bed” wars in the cutest way possible: By DIY-ing his ‘n hers silhouette pillows! Click through to Creme de la Craft for the full tutorial.

What You’ll Need

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  • Ink Effects fabric transfer ink
  • paintbrush ( 1 )
  • Full-page printed profile images (you can use your printer at home, but make sure the profiles are mirror images of one another and are not facing the same direction)
  • Pillow shams (ideally made from synthetic fabric. See instructions below if you are using cotton) ( 2 )
  • iron ( 1 )
  • scissors
  • Plain white paper
  • Ink Effects fabric transfer ink (comes in many different colors)
  • paintbrush
  • Pillow sham
  • iron
  • Piece of plain white paper
Ready to make? Find out how onCrème de la Craft