1. Fashion

Last-Minute Costume: Dust Bunny

One quick trip to the drug store and you can find everything you need to make this punny Halloween costume. Just be wary of witches’ brooms while in this costume!

What You’ll Need

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  • brown or charcoal eyeshadow
  • pair of chopsticks
  • ivory drugstore nylons
  • Safety Pin
  • white pumps
  • baby powder
  • makeup brush
  • full skirt
  • basic top
  • pink creme make-up or pink lipstick
  • plastic headband
  • pliers
  • strand of fake spider/cob web material ( 1/4 to half )
  • glue gun
  • comb or hair brush
  • scissors
  • white face paint/creme make-up
  • black liquid liner
  • 20 gauge wire or floral wire
  • wire cutters
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