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These Are the Cutest Hanging Planters You’ll Ever See

Take quirky planters to the next level with this decor DIY. Click through to This Little Street to learn how to make these bird planters aka the cutest home accessories we’ve ever seen.

What You’ll Need

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  • bird planters, available from West Elm
  • leather lace in one color ( two pieces about 52 inches long each and about 40 inches long )
  • contrasting color leather lace ( two pieces 20 inches long each )
  • Wire
  • unfinished wood ring ( 2 inch diameter )
  • unfinished wood beads ( 16mm, 20mm, and 25mm, 16 for each bird )
  • hot glue gun
  • Pencil
  • combination pliers or scissors to cut wire/leather
  • air plants or succulents
  • bird planters
  • leather lace in one color, you’ll need two pieces about 52 inches long each for the bigger bird and about 40 inches long for the smaller bird. I bought mine on Etsy because I needed a lot, but you also find some at your local bead store
  • contrasting leather lace, 20 inches long each or so ( two pieces )
  • Wire – I used thin copper wire as it is easy to handle but you could get thicker wire to make the nest sturdier
  • unfinished wood ring 2 inches diameter
  • unfinished wood beads – I used 16mm beads for the small birds, 20mm beads for the medium birds and 25mm beads for the big birds. You will need 16 beads per bird
  • plants – I mostly used air plants and succulents
Ready to make? Find out how onThis Little Street