Thanksgiving is next week which means it’s finally crunch time. Time to nail down which side dishes you’ll be making, iron that tablecloth, pick out a centerpiece and dust off the stemware. Oh, and if you have a little bit of extra time on your hands, maybe DIY some festive decor or a snazzy new piece of jewelry to wear at the dinner table. Don’t worry — none of the projects here will take up more than a couple hours, and they won’t leave you in tears. Now if only that were true for the ominous turkey you have sitting in your freezer…


1. DIY Woven Necklace: Woven wall hangings have been popping up all over the place, but this time of year, who has time to try weaving? Tackle the project in miniature form with these woven necklaces. They’re so much fun to make, you’ll have made one for every girl on your shopping list before you know it. (via Enthralling Gumption)


2. Pie Macarons: Obviously macarons aren’t a replacement for actual pie, but these are just too cute not to try. Pick up some white macarons and take these pretty treats to your super cool Friendsgiving. (via Sugar and Cloth)


3. DIY Tablet Stand: Here’s the perfect gift for the cook who has all their recipes on their iPad or for the person who works at home and needs a cool way to display their tablet or notebooks. Part rustic, part neon, this DIY project is a great one to make now and gift later. Or keep for yourself. (via Brit + Co)


4. Wooden Tassel Ornaments: Is it acceptable to start DIY-ing tree decorations yet? Always. These Scandinavian-inspired wooden ornaments are a fun project that’s easy to make and easy to personalize. For all the color-loving makers, skip the neutrals and add your holiday colors or some metallics. (via The Holiday Collective)


5. Pumpkin Pie Banner: Pumpkin pie is a bit of a foregone conclusion during this time of year, so why not elevate your famous recipe with a pie topper? Yeah, all the other pies at the dessert bar are going to be so jealous. (via Paint the Gown Red)


6. DIY Emoji Turkey Leg Balloons: Silly or not, these are super easy to make, and your guests will love them. Make a few of them for a fun photo booth sesh in the living room to get everybody even more amped up for turkey. (via Aww, Sam)


7. Updated Picture Frames: Add some gold hardware to plain white frames for a light and simple gallery wall that still rocks a bit of interesting detail. Then prep the holiday photo booth props and ridiculous sweaters — those new frames are going to need some festive photos ASAP. (via A Beautiful Mess)


8. Minimal Holiday Wreath: Round is so last year. Go for something geometric to give your walls a fun, three-dimensional accent and pick and choose the greenery and baubles you use to make this mini wreath extra special. (via Curbly)


9. Paper Pumpkin Pie: These pie slices are a fun way to gift your favorite seasonal sweet treats or just fold them up and use them as cute Thanksgiving decor. (via Love. Luck. Kisses & Cake)


10. Colorful Foliage Printable: Add some festive cheer to these gray days with a colorful printable. Add it to your gallery wall as-is or cut out the little leaf icons and DIY a garland. (via Make and Tell)


11. DIY Druzy Earrings: You’ll want to rock these sparkly gems all holiday season. And when your friends find out you made them, you’ll probably be making a few more pairs. (via Brit + Co)

Which of these DIY projects is your favorite? Tell us what you’re crafting in the comments below!