If there’s one Internet hole to fall down, Pinterest is definitely the most aesthetically pleasing. In fact, taking a trip a visually delightful site can even have surprising mental health benefits. Get ready, because you’re about to spend a lot more time on site, thanks to some new “Pinsights” the social media giant has put out. For the first time ever, Pinterest has taken all the data from billions — yes, billions! — of pins to find out what is trending for 2016. To calculate this, they took the dominant color of each and every pin across several categories and figured out which colors were on the up-and-up and will continue to trend throughout the year.


In men’s fashion, it’s shades of blue: specifically astronaut blue and chambray. In women’s fashion it’s mint and blush pink. It’s not a huge surprise blue and pink are both trending considering Pantone named Rose Quartz and Serenity its two key colors for 2015.


In beauty, things get a little moodier: When it comes to hair and beauty, Pinners are all about dark blue, dark green and lavender. In fact, this year alone, pins for dark blue beauty and hair increased by 25 percent. (Haven’t you heard? The ’70s are back with blue smoky eyes.) Dark green and lavender took first place with a 30 percent increase from the year before.

In the home, however, people are keeping the colors pretty neutral. Gray has increased by 20 percent over the last year and mauve (yes, like taupe-y purple mauve) has seen a whopping 70 percent increase in popularity. Whoa. To make all these color trends visual for you as Pinterest is keep to do, the social media site actually created Pin Pick’s Pinterest Palette pages in honor of their picks.

A word of warning though: You might lose track of time gazing at all the gorg images.

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(Photos via Brit + Co + Getty)