It鈥檚 holiday season and Brit + Co is running full speed ahead until we reach 2017! Proof? We鈥檒l be opening the doors to our San Francisco-based pop-up shop (Holiday House by Brit + Co x method) on December 1. And, if it鈥檚 not sold out at your local store, you鈥檒l spot some of our very own merch during your next Target run thanks to our limited-edition tableware collection with Cheeky.

I鈥檓 excited about all of these initiatives and thrilled to share one more thing that we鈥檝e been working on with one of our favorite partners, Pinterest. Today, Pinterest announced the launch of a new feature called Explore, and we鈥檙e pumped to be one of their launch partners!


What鈥檚 Explore exactly? Explore is a space for Pinners to catch up on the best of Pinterest (everything from trending content to tastemaker picks). It鈥檚 a destination for fresh, high-quality, curated content 鈥 primarily video 鈥 that changes every single day for daily inspiration. My favorite part of Explore is that the feed can be personalized and customized to allow Pinners to see the topics and ideas that inspire them the most. I know you come to Brit + Co for all things creativity. As a launch partner, we鈥檒l be serving up fresh video DIY tutorials teaching you a range of creative skills, like how to make fashion accessories, holiday gifts, beauty, decor, recipes and so much more!

With more than 75 billion ideas on the platform, Pinterest Explore will enable Pinners to see the good stuff through these curated feeds. Talk about a major life hack. To check it all out, just hit the Explore tab on Pinterest to surface the best ideas today (and every day), across your favorite topics 鈥 food, home, style and more. Happy Exploring!

Excited about this new feature? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @BritandCo. Oh, and make sure you鈥檙e getting all the inspiration you need in your life by following us on Pinterest!