There’s something so satisfying about catching Easter eggs in the entertainment we love (there are whole sites dedicated to tracking all the ones hidden in Disney movies). Thanks to apps, it’s become a lot easier for brands to get in on the Easter egg fun. And this Halloween, Pinterest is treating some of its users to a delightfully spooky surprise.

If you’ve got an iPhone, head over to the Pinterest app and type #trickortreat in the search bar. After you hit “Search,” you’ll see a little orange bar at the top that says “TAP TO PLAY..” sandwiched between a ghost and a dog in a ghost costume. Tap the button and another screen will pop up and explain how to play Pinner Treat.

Tap on the left side of your screen to go left and the right side to go right. Basically, you want to collect the candy with your pin cursor (lol, of course) while avoiding the ghosts. It’s essentially a combo of Pac-Man and pinning, complete with a retro 8-bit feel.

And the game is something of a challenge. The screen scrolls the whole time, and even speeds up as it goes on, so you really have to pay attention. But if you’re quick on your fingers, you can try to beat the high scores in your area — or even globally, if you’re feeling ambitious. Time to go trick-or-treating!

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(Photos via Pinterest)