When it comes to dinner, you’ve probably tried (and maybe exhausted) a variety of one-pot pastas and Instant Pot meals, and after a while, even they lose their sparkle. We get it, and that’s why we’re excited to introduce you to these 18 delectable pitas that will completely *slay* at dinner this week.

vegetarian ventures

1. Chorizo-Spiced Chickpea Fajita Pitas: How are we expected to handle so many goodies folded into one pita? The abundance of spicy flavors and wholesome ingredients in this one have us thinking we can’t even. (via Vegetarian Ventures)

maikin mokomin

2. Pita With Lentil Koftas: If you’re looking for an easy dinner option that is light but will sate your hunger, you’ll fall head over heels for these stuffed pitas. They’re full of fresh ingredients and hearty koftas, and the lemony tahini drizzle leaves *nothing* to be desired. (via Maikin Mokomin)

with salt and pepper

3. Sauteed Zucchini Pitas With Lemon Zest and Feta: Moving into spring, we’re more than ready to welcome bright and sunny flavors to our palates. These stuffed pitas bring it with tender veggies, tangy feta, and a burst of citrus. (via With Salt and Pepper)

peas and crayons

4. Spinach and Tomato Grilled Cheese Pitas: Slam two sandwich styles together with this bomb grilled cheese pita. The extra melty and gooey cheese is balanced out with some healthy greens, so no guilt here. (via Peas and Crayons)

my goodness kitchen

5. Sabich Sandwich With a Twist: This vegan spin on the Israeli ‘wich fills you up with fried eggplant and white beans instead of egg. Despite the drippy and delicious mess, you’ll be oh-so-satisfied. (via My Goodness Kitchen)

the mediterranean dish

6. Baked Kofta Pita Sandwich, Turkish Style: Excuse us while we swoon dramatically over this flavor-packed pita. Not only is this option substantial, but it’s easy enough to include in your weeknight rotation. WIN. (via The Mediterranean Dish)

nourish nutrition blog

7. Easiest Chicken Salad Sandwich: Up your chicken salad game by stuffing it into a pita. If you have pre-cooked chicken kickin’ around, this tasty ‘wich takes a measly 10 minutes to throw together to make your weeknight meal that much easier. (via Nourish Nutrition Co.)

sweet peas and saffron

8. Sweet Potato Falafel Pitas With Tahini Sauce: Those leftover sweet potatoes sitting in your fridge now have a purpose. Swap out the usual fried falafels and use baked sweet potato patties instead; sign us up! (via Sweet Peas and Saffron)

kiddielicious kitchen

9. Chicken Tabbouleh Pitas: This recipe gives us a wonderful excuse to hit the patio and fire the BBQ up. Grilled chicken and grilled pitas bring the essence of summer to our plates with this gem. (via Kiddielicious Kitchen)

cook with manali

10. Roasted Cauliflower Pita Tacos: Cauliflower is at it again, impressing us with its incredible versatility. These colorful pitas fill you up with tender roasted curried cauliflower and other crisp veggies for a wholesome dinner you’ll crave often. (via Cook With Manali)

bibby's kitchen

11. Pork Meatball Pitas With Miso and Tahini Yogurt: Tender meatballs nestled into a miso tahini yogurt — what is there not to love? This recipe gives you everything you need for a tasty, filling, and simple weeknight dinner. (via Bibby’s Kitchen)

kitschen cat

12. Veggie Pitas With Hummus: A bland veggie sandwich is something nobody has time for. This delicious and nutritious hummus-slathered pita is where it’s at, and it can be made in a snap. (via Kitschen Cat)

savory tooth

13. Blackened Portobello Mushroom Pita Pockets: These pitas might be meat-y, but they’re vegetarian friendly. Tender and juicy portobello mushrooms are all the heartiness these bad boys need. (via Savory Tooth)

lemons and basil

14. Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Curry Wraps: Cauliflower and curry are BFFs, and this recipe is mouth-watering proof. It’s worth mentioning that the avocado hummus here is a very welcomed third wheel. (via Lemons and Basil)

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15. Spiced Eggplant Brunch Pitas: These might be called brunch pitas, but who doesn’t love a little breakfast for dinner once in a while? Smothered with velvety hummus, these pitas will make you appreciate the eggplant on a whole new level. (via My Goodness Kitchen)

simple seasonal

16. Grilled Chicken Shawarma Pitas: If you ever find yourself hit with a strong craving for shawarma, we’ve got splendid news. You can recreate this Middle Eastern fave in your very own kitchen. (via Simple Seasonal)

a zesty bite

17. Greek Lamb Hummus Pita: Amp up your weeknight dinner menu with these refreshing and filling pitas. You’re going to want to sink your teeth into these more than once, so make enough for leftovers. (via A Zesty Bite)

18. Grilled Eggplant Pitas: Tender eggplants, peppery arugula, and crunchy walnuts are stuffed into a pita to offer up a simple yet fulfilling dinner. (via Jenny Shearawn)

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