Nothing quite screams ’90s nostalgia like the foods we were obsessed with as kids. With the oldest Millennials now entering their mid-30s, nostalgia for yesteryear is at its peak. Just look at the myriad ’90s food trends, from ’90s cakes to unicorn cafes, for evidence. And now, one of our FAVORITE lunchtime treats is about to be re-launched: Make your way to your nearest grocery store to pick up a Lunchables Pizza and Treatza and be transported back to fourth grade.

In case you weren’t as into Lunchables as the rest of your classmates, here’s what you were missing: The pre-packaged meal comes with a traditional pizza (pizza crust, pizza sauce, and cheese) AND a dessert pizza (pizza crust, chocolate frosting, and candy-coated chocolate chips), along with a Capri Sun on the side. It’s basically a lunch and an equally sized dessert all in one.

You can pick up this Millennial fave at your local retailer for $2.99.

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