Pizza fans (i.e. everyone): prepare to dissolve healthy eating resolutions 鈥 or at least put them on hold this week. Pizza Hut is serving up a flash sale that鈥檚 helping us save some moolah after holiday shopping season, and it鈥檚 *almost* too good to be true.

Starting today January 2, and lasting through Monday January 8, the Hut is offering a full 50 percent off ANY menu-priced pizza. (Told you this was good!)

After our wallets took quite the hit from the holiday season, 鈥溾e鈥檙e kicking off 2018 with a deal that helps slow the spending, but not the fun,鈥 explains Zipporah Allen, Pizza Hut鈥檚 VP of Marketing, who cited the upcoming awards season and college football as totally legit excuses to throw a pizza party.

To get in on the half off deal, head to Pizza Hut鈥檚 website or 鈥 if you鈥檙e a true fan 鈥 download the Pizza Hut app. Next, click on the promotion banner at the top of the page and order away. Go ahead. Add extra cheese, anchovies, AND pineapple!

Literally any combo on the menu is 50 percent off (though non-pizza items aren鈥檛 included in the sale). The only caveat to this deal is that it鈥檚 solely available via digital ordering (sorry, no phone calls). That said, everyone uses their tech to order nowadays anyway, so it鈥檚 hardly an inconvenience.

Will you take advantage of Pizza Hut鈥檚 half off sale this week? Let us know @BritandCo!

(Photos via Pizza Hut)