We were so amazed by the 3Doodler 2.0 at CES 2015 and all the awesome newest additions to the pen. Just looking at it made us imagine all the new things we could make with our 3D printer. Basically, we love making all things 3D, and we figured it was only natural for us to squeal with excitement when we found the Polyes Q1 — the first cool ink 3D pen.


Most 3D pens use ABS or PLA materials that require extremely high temperatures to melt and a very strong fan to immediately cool it.The melting process is pretty dangerous (especially for younger users) and creates a foul odor. On the other hand, Polyes Q1 uses photo-polymer ink that solidifies in the presence of LED lighting, completely eliminating the heating and cooling processes. The cool ink makes Polyes Q1 very kid-friendly.


Polyes Q1 brings convenience to the user by including built-in speed controls. It also has a USB port to charge so you can draw near your laptop if you’re referencing an image online.


Let’s talk colors. The Polyes Q1s themselves are available in eight bright hues (we’re totally eyeing the green one). Besides the normal colors of the rainbow, this cool ink 3D pen has glow-in-the dark, scented, transparent and temperature-changing inks. How cool is that? On top of that, all inks are eco-friendly. The product is currently on Kickstarter and has more than doubled its goal of $50,000. All the early bird packages are sold out, but you can cop your own cool ink 3D pen for $79. It’ll even come with three standard colored ink cartridges that you can either mix together or use alone. Snag one for yourself and see what your kiddo comes up with.

What do you think your mini-me will draw? Let us know in the comments!