Winter has been, overall, pretty mild this year. Even though we were all planning on tackling winter like a big-booted boss, and searching for the perfect, budget-friendly coat, Mother nature had other plans. While we’ve all been confused and grateful for the mild temps, Polyvore has been following our winter-wear trends with some surprising results.

In a study of website search trends between December 21 and January 21, Polyvore’s fashion editor Amy Wicks found that this winter, we’ve been searching more for trends and aesthetics over brand names. And what was our biggest winter-wear search item this winter (so far)?

The camel cape!


Camel is the color for winter 2016. Add a bit of faux fur and the classic cape style, and you’ve got the most sought-after trend for this year.

Another huge trend, probably spawned, in part by Scream Queens? The faux fur earmuff.

One thing’s for sure: Winter fashion trends are dictated less by brand name and more by style and look. And with the milder temps, capes, ear muffs and even sleeveless looks are more popular than ever.

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(Image via Polyvore)