We’re totally obsessed with Easter eggs around here — from decorating them with macramé to nail polish and glitter, we’re pulling out all the stops for this spring-y holiday. Egg dyeing doesn’t just have to be for the kiddos, especially with so many cool designs out there. We found some pretty pop culture-inspired eggs that you’ll want to show off to your buds. In fact, they’ll probably want to help you make them. Scroll on for 22 clever eggs inspired by some of our fave music, tv and movie classics.

1. Katy Perry Eggs: If you’ve still got “California Gurls” stuck in your head, then you need to make these Easter eggs asap. Bonus points if you add glitter detailing. (via Brit + Co, photo via Rob Carr/Getty)

2. Lego Easter Eggs: Speaking of music, let’s be real: The Lego Movie soundtrack is our go-to playlist when we’re looking for a pick-me-up. Add some of that charm to your Easter brunch with these adorable eggs. (via It’s Always Autumn)

3. Toy Story Eggs: These little guys will be so happy you rescued the from The Claaaaaaaaaaaw. (via Arts and Crafts Collection)

4. Frozen Eggs: You can fix these fixer-upper eggs with a little bit of glitter. Just let it go… your creativity, that is! (via My Sister’s Suitcase)

5. Wall-E Eggs: Which one is Eva? The one with the glowing plant symbol, of course. Now how to make a Wall-E egg… (via Cassie Dyer)

6. Beyoncé Eggs: Queen Bey rules everything around us, and that includes the Easter table. These #flawless-inspired eggs deserve the spotlight. (via Brit + Co, photo via Beyonce.com)

7. Monsters Inc. Eggs: Normally an egg with teeth might be terrifying, but with Mike Wazowski’s smiling mug, all we can do is giggle. (via @tiffanyjahangiri)

8. Alice in Wonderland: These eggs are taking the classic dip dye to the next level by featuring all the main characters in Wonderland. But where’s the Red Queen? (via Kaylee/Flickr)

9. Pokemon Eggs: Harken back to the days of trading cards with these painted Pokemon eggs. Now you can finally have your own pocket monster. (via Red-Flare)

10. The Nightmare Before Christmas Eggs: Just like Jack and Sally were meant to be, these eggs are meant to be… in your fridge. (via Oh My Disney)

11. Star Wars Eggs: Are these not the geekiest eggs you’ve ever seen? And they only involve temporary tattoos. (via Estefi Machado)

12. South Park Eggs: The characters in the adult animated series make the perfect subjects for some irreverent Easter egg decorating. (via The Telegraph)

13. Big Hero 6 Eggs: We’re squealing over these adorable Baymax Easter eggs. We know you’ll be satisfied with his taste. (via Catching up With Kate)

14. Full House Easter Eggs: These days, we’re rockin’ all-’90s-everything, so adding some Full House charm to our holiday seems perfectly logical. (via Brit + Co)

15. Mario Eggs: This time it isn’t Princess Peach who’s in trouble — Mario and his gang have been turned into eggs. (via Instructables)

16. Dalek Egg: You’ll definitely have a hard time exterminating these eggs after putting so much effort into them. (via Kuriositas)

17. Batman Egg: We won’t blame you if the Batman theme song ensues every time you pull out one of these eggs. (via JohnVichlenski)

18. Sponge Bob Eggs: We think these eggs make the perfect tribute to the many faces of our pineapple-dwelling, sponge-y friend. (via Las Recetas de MJ)

19. Princess Eggs: Craft these princesses for your kids or the little ones you babysit, and they’ll wish it was Easter every day. (via Flickr)

20. Harry Potter Eggs: While we’re waiting for our Hogwarts acceptance letter, we’ll entertain ourselves by gawking at these amazing eggs. They seriously got the colors perfect. (via Once Upon a Freak)

21. Tardis Egg: We highly doubt the Doctor is in there, but his companion might be. (via Pics and Photos)

22. Despicable Me Eggs: Nobody can resist these google-y eyed little minion eggs. You can use plastic eggs or go for the real deal and dip ’em. (via Tidbits and Twine)

Which one of these is your favorite? Are you going to make any pop culture-inspired eggs? Show us your results below!