On a hot summer day, there is NO better treat than ice cream and decorating with ice cream and popsicle wall art just seems appropriate for the season. From melty drips to graphic cones, here is a roundup of our 17 favorite ice cream wall prints that are sure to make you smile.

1. Panda Cone ($19): Graphic panda is enjoying a hot summer day.

2. Pretty Popsicles ($35): Orange and pink are the perfect summer color combo.

3. Ice Cream Mirror ($339): Dripping with 80’s style, this shimmery wall mirror depicts a classic melting ice cream cone with bright red cherry on top.

4. Neapolitan Kitty ($20): Little balls of fur in flavors of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

5. Fruity Pops ($20): The pastel color palette gives this print a pretty, vintage feel.

6. Icy Treats ($17): Each colorful popsicle features a different summer saying like “be cool,” “stay frosty” and “just chillin’.” Cute.

7. Painted Pops ($70): Mmmm…you can practically taste these luscious icy treats.

8. Shot On Top ($29): Do you prefer your ice cream affogato style?

9. Superhero Pop ($20): Get your geek on with a Wonder Woman popsicle print!

10. DIY Ice Cream Art: Mix up some fun flavors with colorful transparent sheets. (via A Beautiful Mess)

11. Icy Typography ($26): With our love of golden art, we appreciate this elegant cone.

12. Minimal Scoop ($21): Stack it high with this modern print.

13. Together Forever($15): Awwww, romantic popsicles.

14. Pop Art ($7): How happy is this roundup of vectorized popsicles in pretty summer colors.

15. Orange Creamsicle ($33): Mmmm…we’re craving an icy treat with this watercolor painting.

16. Parks and Rec Ice Cream ($10): If we have any Leslie Knope fans out there (WE MUST), this illustration will make you laugh.

17. Retro Ice Cream ($26): This looks good enough to eat.

Which is your favorite ice cream print? Let us know in the comments below!