Whether you’ve just moved to a new city with your partner or you’re merely pondering how to decorate your entryway for spring, the most stressful part of furniture shopping is always the assembly that comes after you get it home. Complicated instructions, scuffed sideboards, missing pieces and tensions running high — on second thought, we’ll just stick to our tried-and-true IKEA storage hacks, thanks. But wait! There’s hope for us installation-impaired after all. Porch.com announced today its new partnership with Wayfair that will squash all your installation insecurities.


Now when you buy furniture on Wayfair and need help with installation or set-up, you can simply add Porch “Home Services ” to your shopping cart upon check-out. Aka your new bed frame can easily come equipped with a professional to put it together for you!

Matt Ehrlichman, CEO of Porch, is excited about the partnership, saying “Until now, projects have required two separate transactions: needing to find the product that is right for you, and then finding a qualified person to help with assembly and installation. Together, Wayfair and Porch remove this friction and make the entire project easy to complete.”


Of course, this service-product partnership is nothing new. Sears, Amazon and Home Depot all offer similar seamless platforms, though those companies’ platforms are all in-house. Plus, what makes this partnership particularly compelling is that Wayfair’s offerings are on another level of cool and Porch guarantees all the work of their background-checked professionals.

So far, the Porch services are only offered in 15 US markets, from Seattle to Orlando, Philly to LA. If you do choose to add Porch services to your product purchase, you’ll be able to get a final price from the pro themselves before committing. We’re definitely down for a little more furniture shopping now that we know a professional is only a click away.

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