Save for a rogue pimple here or there, I’ve been pretty blessed when it comes to my skin. I’ve never really struggled with acne, and I’ve always been a pretty normal balance of combination skin: not too oily, not too dry.

My pores, however, are a completely different story. For as long as I can remember, the pores along my cheeks, nose, and chin have been a point of contention, large enough to host obvious specks of dirt and grime that, while visible only to me, are enough to make me obsess.

A quick glimpse in the mirror would soon turn into hours as I examined my skin for clear imperfections that would no doubt require an at-home “extraction” against my better judgment. By the time I was finished, my skin would be red, angry, raw: worse than it had ever been when I began.

Though I gave several other pore products a go over the years, I was always left feeling less than impressed. I would scour the internet for what I was convinced must be the secret of those with tight, impossibly small-pored cheeks, only to be disheartened by reports which told me that I was doomed to have what felt like canyon-sized pores.

And so I continued on with my routine — until I stumbled upon the $235 answer to my skincare prayers.

Yes, I get it: This stuff is a splurge. Prior to trying it, you couldn’t get me to invest in something like this unless the bottle was made of solid gold. But it might as well have been just that, because after just one swipe of RéVive’s Pore Correctif, my eyes practically bugged out of my head: I couldn’t see my pores.

Leaning in closer to the mirror to get a better look, I was amazed to see that they had seemingly disappeared without a trace. What WAS this stuff? The technical answer is a solution comprised of bio-engineered, Nobel-prize winning technology that mimics youthful skin by encouraging skin cell production for repair and replacement. The result is an instantly reduced-looking pore that doesn’t require weeks or even days to see progress: It literally changes the look right before your eyes. Over time, the solution works on an even deeper level, strengthening your skin and firming it up with smoother elasticity.

For me, it goes even further than that: It’s only been a week thus far, but already, with no more noticeable pores to examine, I’m no longer picking at my face. I’m not going to sleep with red and angry scars I know I’ll have to load the concealer on to hide upon waking up. Instead, my skin feels (and looks!) smooth and free of self-inflicted wounds and scars.

It feels… freeing.

Pick up RéVive’s Pore Correctif at your local Blue Mercury.

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(Photos via RéVive)