Create This Portable Game Board for a Fun Camping Trip
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Create This Portable Game Board for a Fun Camping Trip

We know you’re getting your camping essentials ready for your next outdoor adventure. Your backpack is on, s’mores kit is packed and you’re rocking the bandana braid… but you’ll want to add this DIY portable game board to your packing list. We think sitting under the stars while playing a friendly round of tic tac toe (or checkers) sounds pretty good. This portable game board is so easy to make and you can even tote your hiking essentials in it. Bonus: It’s reversible for double the fun!


— canvas (at least 19 x 19 inches)

— ruler

— scissors

— hem tape

— iron

— acrylic paint

— foam brush

— masking tape

— rope


1. Fold your canvas in half. Measure the canvas at 19 x 19 inches total and cut.

2. Next, cut a 19-inch length of hem tape and place it inside the bag along the side.

3. Iron the fabric with hem tape between the fabric to fuse the fabric together (or follow hem tape package instructions).

4. Repeat steps two and three for the other side.

5. For the top of the bag, measure and cut hem tape that is the full length of the top. Fold the top of the bag inwards and iron the fabric first, if desired.

6. Leave about a half-inch space at the top of the bag to weave rope through, then add hem tape between the canvas and gently iron it until sealed.

7. Weave the rope through the top of the bag and knot it on one end, leaving extra on one side so you can carry it.

8. Now we’ll paint our game board on the canvas. To create a checkers board, measure and mark the canvas at about two inches — you will be creating eight rows and eight columns on a 16 x 16-inch canvas board. To create a tic-tac-toe board, measure and mark the canvas at about five inches to create three rows and three columns. The lines will be about 1/4-inch thick and all squares will be perfectly spaced out.

9. Use masking tape before you start painting to create clean painted columns.

10. With a foam brush, gently blot paint on the canvas until you have even coverage. Remove the masking tape and let it dry before you move on to painting the rows. That’s all folks!

When you’re cutting remember to make the folded part of the canvas the “bottom” of the bag.

Optional: Before you add hem tape to the sides, you can fold the canvas along the sides about 1/2 inch and iron it ahead of time. Then follow by placing hem tape between the fold and ironing it a final time.

If you’re having difficulty weaving the rope through the top of the bag, you can attach a safety pin to your rope and then guide it through the opening easily.

To create a checkerboard, measure and mark the board in two-inch marks — this should create eight rows and eight columns if your canvas is 16 x 16 inches. Follow steps nine and 10 on the other side for a reversible portable game board!

Bring your own game pieces or collect them on your adventure. Just remember to leave rocks and seashells where you found them so others can have fun too!

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