We know that getting healthier requires the right mix of nutrition, exercise, sleep, and balance, but figuring out how to identify and improve each key part of the equation to get results can be totally overwhelming. Is it better to try Whole30 or an Ayuervedic eating plan? Is your bod suited for cardio like spin, or does it respond best to yoga? Dr. Taz Bhatia, author of Super Woman Rx($27), has developed something called 鈥淧ower Types鈥 through her work with women. Read on to learn about why knowing yours might be the secret to uncovering your personal path to wellness.

What is a Power Type?

Bhatia tells us that she came up with the idea of identifying Power Types after seeing 10,000 patients over the last 10 years. 鈥淒uring the last decade, my ability to merge multiple systems of medicine gave me an 鈥榓ha鈥 moment,鈥 she explains. 鈥淲e women, as complex as we are with our hormones, emotions, and specific medical needs, still fell into distinct types 鈥 鈥楶ower Types,鈥 as I now call them.鈥 Bhatia shares that, as with a blood type, hormone, or body type, she can identify Power Types and now uses them to help create a predictive formula that women can follow to achieve their best health. Even more, Bhatia says that uncovering your unique Power Type can help show you how to find your inner superpowers. 鈥淵ou can鈥檛 broker world peace, run a business, or look and feel amazing without understanding how you operate inside and out,鈥 she notes. Totally fascinating, right?

3 Reasons Why Knowing Your Power type Will Change Your Life

鈥淲hen you know your Power Type, you鈥檒l know how to address your eating to increase your energy, health, and happiness,鈥 Bhatia notes. 鈥淚 also encourage all women to start incorporating at least five minutes of meditation a day where they simply sit and focus on their breathing, and that鈥檚 just the tip of the iceberg. Even more, there are hundreds of strategies that you can use to meet your specific needs, and to bring out your unique superpowers.鈥

1. You鈥檒l choose the right fuel.Nutrition is always my first go-to when it comes to improving and maintaining optimal health,鈥 Bhatia says. 鈥淵our body needs the right fuel in order to maximize its potential, so knowing which foods your body does (or doesn鈥檛) need to thrive will guide you on your path to mental clarity, gut digestion, and more.鈥

2. You can smartly supplement. Bhatia explains that many of her patients don鈥檛 realize they鈥檙e deficient in certain vitamins or minerals. 鈥Once specific deficiencies are identified (this comes from understanding the unique variables of each patient鈥檚 Power Type), I can provide a recommendation for the best supplements and herbs that are key for that power type to activate her super health powers.鈥 Wow!

3. It鈥檚 easier to make the most of mind hacks.Meditation, using affirmations, color therapy, aroma therapy, massage therapy, drawing, writing, doing pottery, gardening acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, prayer, connecting with nature 鈥 these are all fantastic ways that you can enlighten and empower your mind,鈥 Bhatia affirms. 鈥淜nowing the sort of super woman you are will guide you to the mindful hacks that will work the best for you to supercharge your brain.鈥


Through her work, Bhatia has identified five different Power Types, which she described to us in detail.

  • The Gypsy Girl:聽鈥淭his Power Type is the artistic, creative, and ethereal type of woman,鈥 says Bhatia. 鈥淪he always looks elegant, stylish, and graceful in her clothes and tends to be slim, with dry hair.鈥 Interestingly, Bhatia tells us that Gypsy Girls commonly struggle with anxiety, fertility issues, and a lack of feeling grounded.
  • The Boss Lady:聽鈥淎 boss lady has commanding presence. She鈥檚 prepared with a written list, asks focused questions, and gives to-the-point answers,鈥 Bhatia details. She tells us that Boss Ladies keep to an orderly schedule and can achieve awesome things when they鈥檙e balanced, but find it tough to keep up when things don鈥檛 go as planned. 鈥淏oss Ladies tend to be irritable and agitated when short on energy, and to make matters worse, this commanding type shortchanges her sleep, which only exacerbates an already short temper.鈥
  • The Savvy Chick:聽鈥淭hese women are a combination of the first two types. Part Gypsy and part Boss, they straddle these two worlds between creative and commanding. When in balance, Savvy Chicks are some of the most creative innovators I鈥檝e ever met,鈥 Bhatia shares. However, she鈥檚 quick to note that this type comes with its own set of challenges. 鈥淲hen out of balance, these women can experience anxiety and anger, digestive issues, and so on,鈥 she says.
  • The Earth Mama:聽This type has earned a rep for being steady and solid. 鈥淓arth Mamas love feeling connected to聽and nurturing others,鈥 Bhatia tells us. 鈥淭hese聽ladies tend to be hosts for friends and the person you love to talk to when life is tough.鈥 It鈥檚 no surprise, then, that Earth Mamas find it challenging to balance how they care for others and themselves. 鈥淲hen these givers get worn out, they can聽struggle with overeating and oversleeping, and can become depressed,鈥 Bhatia cautions.
  • The Nightingale:聽鈥淚鈥檝e observed that this type of woman mothers the Earth Mamas,鈥 Bhatia explains. 鈥淚 see this Power Type as a blend of all five types. When in balance, these women are true life-changers 鈥 nurturing, creative, and inspiring 鈥 but out of balance, these women get sick.鈥 She says that Nightingales often come to her when their immune system has taken聽a hit or they鈥檙e suffering from an autoimmune condition.

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