When you’re nauseated, fatigued and your feet are swollen (thanks, pregnancy), sometimes the last thing you want to think about it working out. But keeping up with a regular exercise schedule and diet can be a huge boon for your health. Working out can also help keep your energy levels up — we all know pregnancy can deplete them, because hey, making a baby is hard work!

But when you’re pregnant and your body is undergoing some major changes, it’s likely your workouts are going to have to be tweaked as well. So what sort of fitness plan can you take on with your growing belly, you ask? Pregnacise, a new health app ($3.99 for iOS), helps you answer that exact question.


The app helps you plan exercises, provides expectant mothers with a guide for every part of their pregnancies and is packed with advice on better exercise habits and over 80 individual exercises complete with photo visuals. The best part is they even break up the exercises by trimester, so that you can maintain your health properly despite a growing belly. Lots of the workouts actually make do with objects you have around the house, like chairs and walls, so no expensive gym fees either.

You can do it, ladies!

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