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Your friends are expecting! And that is great news. Now, what to give them at the shower? If it’s their first baby, you’re dealing with a blank slate. And that can be challenging, because everyone will be thinking of the same things — onesies, blankets, cute outfits and bulky baby gear. You need to get creative and think out of the big box store! Here are 20 things a pregnant woman actually wants.

First and foremost, your friends need information, like, now. And that means apps — from those that track the pregnancy and photos of the bump in the early days to those that help track contractions right up to delivery. A certificate to the app store is a most thoughtful gift. Here are 10 apps expecting moms — and dads — covet.

Imagine yourself in your BFFs shoes. The baby has arrived. How does it affect her life, her time, her space? Newborns need to be carried in the early days. Think about hands-free helpers. A beautifully patterned sling will be a necessity. A bluetooth headset will be just the thing, for when they have to make calls and sooth a fussy infant. A tablet stand for freehanded reading or cooking while reading recipes. Gadgets make great gifts. From breast pumps to white noise machines to baby-food makers, here are 23 gadgets new parents do not even know they need yet.

Food. Nutrition. It’s challenging to take care of yourself when you have a new baby in the house, who is not yet sleeping through the night. Save your friends from falling back on unhealthy takeout and junk food by giving the most thoughtful gift of all. Scratch-made and from the heart: Make-ahead meals, cooked with love.

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