So, it’s Monday. It’s fine.

Friday is five days away, but with the help of these commute essentials, we’ll get through these next 120 hours of life together. This week, we’ve got a mystery-filled podcast to satisfy any Sherlock Holmes wannabe, an addictive National Geographic-themed puzzle game, a stunning new animal Instagram, a genderless lifestyle blog and the latest in book-turned-movie news. Now, put on a happy face and let your Friday countdown begin.


1. Follow @KPunkka: Photographer Konsta Punkka is basically the Finnish Cinderella, and he documents his otherworldly animal encounters on his Instagram account. Not only is it filled with stunning shots of wild animals and nature that have a unique, artsy vibe about them, but he also captures the awww-inducing moment of fuzzy creatures eating straight out of his hand. You’ll find foxes, squirrels, exotic birds, llamas, owls, deer and more. Warning: you will get lost in his feed and miss your bus stop.


2. Primates of Park Avenue Will Be a Movie: Wednesday Martin just released her memoir, Primates of Park Avenue, and MGM copped the movie rights already! This is big. All signs point to this being both a worthwhile read and watch if you’re into the phenomena that is NYC’s Upper East Side Lululemon-clad mommas. (Photo via @wednesdaymartinphd)


3. The Trend Pear: More and more fashion trends are going the genderless route, and we couldn’t be happier about that. The Trend Pear, a blog “born out of a love and respect for the fashion community,” focuses on styles men and women can enjoy together. The blog is run by a male and female, so you’re promised a balanced dose of trends you and the males in your life can get behind. (Photo via @maximilianhurd)


4. Mystery Show (Available on iTunes, PlayerFM and Stitcher): Serial fans, this one’s for you. Mystery Show is an iTunes-trending podcast that focuses on a different mystery each episode. It’s an awesome and thought-provoking way to pass the time en route to work. Time seems to fly by when we’re engrossed in captivating content.


5. Bonza National Geographic (Free on iOS and Android): The folks at Bonza Word Puzzle made a National Geographic-themed app that’s seriously addictive. This free app features a new type of crossword puzzle, daily puzzles and a relaxing soundtrack to listen to while your addiction is forming.

Which picks grab your attention the most? Let us know whatcha think in the comment section below.